Billiard Sizes

Swaim billiards are available in three sizes. It is important to be sure you put your pool table in an appropriate size room to ensure that you are able to play comfortably.  You need enough room that the cue stick will not bump the walls while you play. A standard cue stick is 57" long. Below are recommended room sizes for each of Swaim's available billiard table sizes.

Playfield Dimensions W 88" D 44"

This is the most common size for home use. It is large enough to be fun without taking up too much room.

Suggested Room Size: 13 feet by 17 feet

Playfield Dimensions W 92" D 46"

This is considered a regulation size and is acceptable for official tournaments. It adds to the skill level of the player without being overly large.

Suggested Room Size: 13 feet by 17 feet or greater

Playfield Dimensions W 100" D 50"

This is a full sized regulation pool table. The 9 foot tables are most often used in billiard parlors. It takes the most room in the home and requires he highest skill level.

Suggested Room Size: 14 feet by 18 feet